Kishonti GFXBench 5.0 Aztec Ruins: OpenGL & Vulkan Benchmark Hands-On

Today Kishonti have finally released their final update to GFXBench version 5.0. The update introduces the new Aztec Ruins scene in two complexity modes as well as OpenGL, Vulkan, and Metal. The company had first announced the new benchmark in 2016 at GDC, and we had largely expected it to come out in 2017. Polishing the new benchmark to run in an orderly fashion in new low-level APIs such as Vulkan, Metal and DirectX12 is undoubtedly a very large task that takes time.

The new version runs on a new in-house rendering engine and introduces two new tests: Aztec Ruins (High Tier) and Aztec Ruins (Normal Tier). The scene is very much reminiscent of Tomb Raider, showcasing a jungle ruin environment, with an action-adventure like scene.

The new benchmark on Android includes the option to run it either in Vulkan, or OpenGL mode, which adds to our current set of dual-API benchmarks which include UL’s 3DMark Sling Shot and Basemark’s Basemark GPU test. This is of particular interest because it serves as a tool which can showcase GPU vendor’s driver quality, in particular how the new Vulkan implementation performs to the more polished and optimised OpenGL drivers.

I’m planning to include Aztec Ruins into our mobile benchmarking suite, and here it’s good to give a bit more of an explanation of what the new test brings and how it differs from past tests.

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